As we renovate our building into a boutique hotel and restaurant, we’re excited to offer hands-on training in various hotel and restaurant operations. From managing the back office to ensuring impeccable service, our trainees will gain essential skills for the modern hospitality landscape.

School Learning Programs – Inspire young minds with our school taster sessions, offering hands-on exercises and insights into the diverse career options within the hospitality sector.

Catering and Hospitality – Our vibrant kitchen, restaurant and bar area will provide a holistic experience in feeding and entertaining guests and the local community. Get ready to start the journey of mastering the art of hospitality.

Horticulture – Embrace sustainability with our Kitchen Garden, contributing to the Plot-to-Plate initiative. In collaboration with our local horticultural college, Myerscough College in Croxteth Country Park, our garden offers basic-level learning opportunities for those eager to dig into the earth.