Mission, Vision and Values

La Salle Hotel School serves to become a beacon of transformative education and community empowerment in Liverpool and wider UK. Building on the De La Salle Brothers’ centennial legacy, our goal is to revolutionise hospitality education by offering unique programmes for young people aged 14-26, including those excluded from mainstream schooling, or who are not in education, training or employment (NEET).


Our mission at La Salle Hotel School is to inspire and empower our beneficiaries through an innovative education mix; equipping them with skills, confidence and aspirations, transforming them into future leaders and innovators in the hospitality sector, whilst fostering a strong sense of community and environmental stewardship.


Our vision is to intertwine practical learning in our hotel, kitchen and garden with the spirit of community service, making us a hub for nurturing aspirations, teaching vital life skills and fostering a sense of belonging. As the only hotel school of its kind in the country, we are dedicated to being a welcoming home for all, shaping a future where hospitality bridges education and community enrichment.

Core Values

Industry Collaboration

By partnering with hospitality leaders, we ensure that our training is relevant, forward-thinking and aligned with industry needs, preparing students for real-world success.

Innovation in Learning

We continuously seek new methods to engage and educate, combining practical experiences with theoretical knowledge to create a dynamic and effective learning environment.

Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship

We prioritise sustainable practices in our operations, teaching the importance of environmental responsibility and the role it plays in the hospitality industry.

Excellence in Standards

We aspire to be a leader in training future professionals in the hospitality industry.

Inclusivity in Education

Our commitment lies in providing accessible, inclusive learning environments for all young people, especially those who are underserved or excluded from mainstream education.

Community Empowerment

We are dedicated to uplifting local communities by fostering educational and personal growth opportunities within the hospitality sector.


With a unique educational model that bridges the gap between Secondary and Further Education, we will focus on delivering holistic, workplace-based experiences and training for young individuals aged 14 to 26.


We Need You

La Salle Hotel School has secured planning permission and is embarking on a fundraising effort throughout 2024 to start the redevelopment phase as soon as possible.