La Salle Hospitality Education Charity (LSHEC) is poised to change the hospitality sector as a force for good in the Liverpool City Region, by nurturing new generations of a skilled future workforce from within our most challenged communities.

Our belief is that every person has the right to an enriching education and should have the ability to access the best support to achieve a successful career, regardless of their background or circumstances.

In the last five years we learnt about the specific needs of individuals and the ecosystem of educational institutions and have established links to local businesses through our development of La Salle Hotel School C.I.C. Working with hundreds of children and young people during this time has been central to forming a novel strategy, which is designed to deliver transformational impact at all levels. We have received overwhelming endorsement and positive contributions from the industry, as the local hospitality community supports us to make a significant difference in the coming years.

Throughout 2024 we will be fundraising as we seek to develop these innovative facilities. We propose a self-sustaining model that intertwines charitable activities in educational excellence, with day-to-day commercial viability.

Our approach is scalable and replicable, potentially serving as a blueprint for rolling out similar community-led initiatives across the UK in the coming years.

The La Salle Hospitality Education Charity is more than an educational institution; it’s a beacon of hope and opportunity. We are committed to professional excellence in teaching and community integration, honouring the legacy of the De La Salle Brothers.

Our project is a catalyst for change, with a potential for impacting young lives and the hospitality sector at large.

Rev Fr Gerald Proctor MBE
Chair of La Salle Hospitality Education Charity
Director of La Salle Hotel School Liverpool C.I.C.


We Need You

La Salle Hotel School has secured planning permission and is embarking on a fundraising effort throughout 2024 to start the redevelopment phase as soon as possible.